Wednesday, July 17, 2013

//Budget Doc McStuffins Birthday Party//

I'm finally sharing some pictures from Caprice's 3rd birthday party. I'm just  a tad bit late on this.. It was in April... I know and it's July, right?? Seriously, this was on my to-do list among with MANY other things this summer that i have to get done before school starts. Oh, i have to print and frame my maternity pictures of Stella and yes she's 9 months old. I love pictures but they basically sit on my phone or my computer..Seriously I suck. There is NO time anymore. The end. 

Well, I'm a sucker for a good themed party. My bestie Jen is beyond talented at event planning and graphic design and she always spoils me whenever I have a party or event. Love you Jen. If your in San Diego, you must check her out! //JenniferJDesigns// There is really nothing she can't do!! Caprice has had the cutest birthday parties thanks to auntie.. Year 1 was Shabby Chic, Year 2 was Elmo, and Year 3 was Good ol Doc. I really wanted to do this year on a budget since the past 2 I went all out. And luckily I stuck to it! I got tons of detail for cheap. 

1st I started by a basic Evite! I kept going back and forth with this since I love invites but it saved money and the hassle! 

I didn't go crazy on food either. Just pizza and chips and a few sweets. 

Meet my little own Doctor. This outfit was easy. Already had the shirt, skirt, shoes, and socks. The doctors jacket was found on Etsy and i got it embroidered Dr. Caprice. 

We had to put a twist on the traditional Doc's headband. Done by @sequinandbombshells

These were a hit! Jelly beans in shot glasses! 

These cuties are wafter band-aids. Easy and cheap! Just got a pack of wafters then used frosting and sprinkles to make a heart. Done and done. 

Of course the Doctors needed to be identified!! Genius idea. Attach ribbon to make badge! 

As you know Doc loves her sign..."The Doc is in" I just glued a bunch of sticks and printed this image online. Then the mini docs made their own sign for their bedroom door! 

Wouldn't be a Doc McStuffins party without a Book of Boo-Boos. Sooo easy. Just got a bunch of paper books at Staples, cut out foam and glued it along with a heart on front. Found those at Michael's. Great to use for their patients diagnosis! 
Jen made these Check-Up lists that the kids did on their own patients who were stuffed animals. Cutest. 

Part of the Check Up station tools. Had band-aids, cotton balls, syringes, face masks, and band-aid tattoos. 

Tattoos for the minis and mommas too by @sequinsandbombshells. Loved these! 

I got her birthday hat on Etsy! Super cute! I also went to Ralph's to save money and got a dozen cupcakes and a mini plain purple cake and put the cupcakes around the cake! Saved so much here and it was good!! 

Pin-the-band-aid on the character. Print image and use sticker band-aids or actual band-aids!!

Happy 3rd birthday my Lil DocCaprice!!! Until next year.....

Event Planner & Graphic Designer// Jennifer J Designs @jenniferjdesigns


Saturday, May 4, 2013

//all dreams have a

Hi loves≫⇢♡❥

Hope you are all enjoying the start to your weekend! So, as I mentioned earlier this week, we have officially called this week the week of stylelately :) We just figured we are in love with this shop and as you know, we love to share here at BINK!!!

We found SL through Instagram a few months back and have fell in love with the style they offer. They seriously have the cutest pieces and it is all SUPER affordable, as well as it is run by an.adorable.and.seriously.the.sweetest.girl.... We had some questions for her. Well, I am the question queen here. I always want to know so much about people and things. I am the type that basically asks 50 questions and stops you mid sentence to ask another and another. Curious maybe? I think so....

I have always called Holly the Dreamer ever since I can remember, while I am the Realist who really wants ALL these dreams and great things to happen, but I always think it won't ever happen or it's not in the cards for me. Anyone else think like that? I mean Binkies & Blondes. When Holly mentioned it to me, I laughed. I thought, "yeah right. Who will follow us and EVEN like us or our ideas?!!!" Well... I was a little wrong and have felt amazed and grateful for all of you and your kind words! So thank you!!! Just by taking that small leap into something //new// that has always been something that sounds fun to me and yet something that I have been scared to try, it has lead me to grow in many ways. Hopefully someday, I'll have the courage and the confidence to work on my dream of owning my own business... Let's all dream big together.

For all you dreamers out there.... Follow your dream.. For you.and just you. Megan from is one person that did just that.

Introducing Megan Anderson AKA @meg_legs on instagram//

We are so inspired by her huge success that she has accomplished in such a short amount of time! Talk about an inspiration to others!

How old are you?
↣↠♡ I'm 24 ... Turning 25 on August 23rd ... AHHH ! SCARY

Tell us 3 things that most people may not know about you?
↣↠♡ hmm three things no one knows?

1. I love to long board

2. I have two cute tiny doggies that are my world ( bizzy and booger )

3. I love to run and hike

Explain what your shop is for our followers that may not know much about
↣↠♡ is a daily deal online fashion site that gives you the most stylish deals up to 70 % off! We also have a shop where we carry the latest on-trend items!

What inspired you to start stylelately?
↣↠♡ I have always been into fashion and have loved styling people and friends, I wanted to create a way to style people from all over and thought why not give style on an affordable budget!

How long has your company been in business?
↣↠♡8 Months

Who is on your team?
↣↠♡ I have an amazing Marketing Director and a little team of shippers and ME:)

What advice do you have for other dreamers out there that want to begin their own venture but are scared to take that leap?
↣↠♡ Definitely follow your dream and do what inspires you and what you love. I was actually obsessed with Nordstroms when i was a little girl and my dream was to work there, i did and it wasn't exactly what i was looking for. Takes alot of drive and passion to find your exact path...Love what you do, because if you do, you wouldn't work a day in your life.. and i feel like i haven't.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
↣↠♡ hopefully somewhere designing a fashion line.

What is your favorite thing about owning your own business?
↣↠♡ Being on my own schedule and being creative in ideas and seeing them come to life.

What is the most difficult thing about it?
↣↠♡ Lots of challenges that i have to problem solve, and being the boss. It's your decision on what road to take with them!

What is your #1 Go-To item in your closet?
↣↠♡ I'm huge on purses, so i have to have a good handbag and the perfect pair of skinnies!

Where do you get inspired for your own style?
↣↠♡ I love seeing styles anywhere and everywhere and just tweaking them and adding my own twist to make it unique and more me!

How do you decide what to sell in your shop?
↣↠♡Anything that i would wear or love...

What has been your key to success?
↣↠♡ keeping focused and don't give up!

Thank you Megan for sharing your story with us!! We can't wait to see the exciting things you will do!!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

//Infamous leggings//

Morning loves≫⇢♡❥❥♡⇠≫

It's time for a new giveaway.... We are so excited to be working with Style Lately. They have seriously the cutest stuff for such reasonable prices! They are giving away one of their most popular pieces... The Navajo leggings! Ummmm so excited right? These suckers are always sold out!!!

Winner will be announced the 8th≫⇢♡❥

Good luck! 💋


1} follow both @stylelately and @binkiesandblondes on Instagram

2} tag-a-friend as often as you'd like

3} bonus// LIKE Style Lately and our Facebook page for a double entry

//Style Lately//

Hey loves≫⇢♡❥
Here at BINK we are making this week known as Style Lately Week. Why? Well, we are so excited to be working with such a great company! We have some great things in store for you coming up this week... Today's outfit post, I'm wearing this cozy gray shirt from them and their Saber necklace which is a great layering piece. And these coral heels from H&M which have to be the comfiest things ever! Can you tell this momma likes to be comfortable and cute...


Top// style lately
Jeans// nordstroms
Jacket// nordstroms
Shoes// h&m {old}
Bag// nordstroms
The Jewels/ style lately & F21//holly Lauren

Saturday, April 27, 2013

//Best bottles ever//

❥♡⇠≫So I have to admit when I heard about the Dr Brown's bottles when I was pregnant with Stella from Holly I was thinking, "yeah right these suckers won't work!".... And it did not sound fun to clean the 2 extra parts that come with it ( these are the hidden bonuses P.S.) but seriously these are the BEST bottles!

I was using the Playtex bottles with Caprice and loved those then or thought I did. I made sure to have them all ready for when Stella was born. I used them on her a few times and wasn't a fan because Holly kept saying, "use the Dr Brown's trust me!"

Stell was super gassy and hiccupy like all babies. I was practically shoving gas drops and hiccup stuff down her throat all day. Well.... Guess what??!! As soon as I switched her to these bottles, I soon realized she never needed all that "extra" stuff again. And the best part I NEVER burp her EVER! Seriously. No. Joke. You don't have too because there is an internal vent that acts as a vacuum to eliminate air bubbles. Mommies Run for the Hills and purchase these beauties! You won't regret it! My baby is happy as a clam! ❥♡⇠≫


Thursday, April 25, 2013

//Coral and Army Green//

Hey loves//
I'm seriously loving my new jacket from Street Chic. It seriously goes with so much. I've been living in it since I was given this beauty!! Also wearing my ALL time favorite boots that I've had forever..... By Steve Madden. If anyone wants, leave a comment and I'll find these or similar ones for you to get! You won't regret getting some!

And this pink scarf thingy by Mad-Dana has actually more ways it can be worn. It can be a headwrap too. My adorable little 1st grade student always wears them and got one for me and Caprice. I'll make sure to post of us together too...


Top// Nordstroms
Pants// Nordstroms
Jacket// Street Chic
Boots// Steve Madden
Purse// Steve Madden
Scarf// Mad-Dana
Bracelet// Holly Lauren

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

1 week later...

I'm SO bad at finding time to follow up with my IG posts here on the blog. I blame it on being a full time working mom. As most can relate too, when you work full time you have a hard time to even write a to-do list, let alone check off anything! 7 more weeks of school left and I'm FREE for the summer! I'm just a little excited..

So I posted last week the BINK mommy&mini necklace set.. Many asked about outfit details so here you go...

Top// Savvy at Nordstroms
Sweatshirt// Savvy at Nordstroms
Pants// C/O~ Street Chic
Boots// Target
Necklace// BINK jewelry

Top// Target
Pants// H&M
Shoes// Nordstroms
Headband// C/O~ Baby Jules Boutique